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PART-I: A Crowded Marriage

Madan, a lecturer in English literature, at the age of 55, is on a flight from Delhi to Sherubtse, a college campus in Bhutan . He recalls the three decades of his marriage with Shelly. She is beautiful, intelligent, a martinet, a vegetarian and a religious zealot. She is in love with Krishna – the pastoral god of Hindu mythology. She performs elaborate rituals of daily worship before the idol of Krishna placed in a small temple in their bedroom. Madan, who is a diehard sceptic but very fond of his wife, indulges her excessive religious fervour with a fair deal of amusement.

Madan is perpetually peeved at Shelly's insistence on rationing their sex to once a week. He cajoles her and argues with her to have it more often, but to little avail. With Shelly paying too obsessive an attention to her god, he looks upon Krishna as a rival who is crowding his marriage.

One night while he is extra amorous he has his way against her wishes. She is sore at this marital rape, leaves him and goes back to her parents. Subsequently she discovers she is pregnant. Shelly is in a quandary, which is resolved by Krishna appearing in a vision claiming the foetus as his. He entrusts her with the responsibility of nurturing the divine embryo. Madan's credulity is strained to the limit, but he is glad to have her back. The child is born. He is a paragon of good looks and is named Rupesh – the god of beauty. He grows up into a precocious child, but shows no signs of divinity.

Madan wrests an appointment from the foreign assignment cell to teach in Bhutan . Shelly decides to stay back with Rupesh who is now studying for his masters in computers.

PART-II: An Angel on Campus

Madan finds the Bhutanese girls in his class very attractive. He feels flattered when he finds Sherry, the most beautiful of them all, taking keen interest in him. However, he soon learns that Sherry's interest in him was to procure his flat as a love-tryst with her boyfriend. Tashi, another student, gets besotted with him. Much to his chagrin he discovers that he is dysfunctional. He avoids Tashi, who feels baffled and frustrated at his reluctance.

Shelly and Rupesh visit him in the autumn break. They are a hit on the campus with his colleagues and the students. They are struck with Shelly's charisma, her laughter and her god-consciousness. Rupesh's handsome bearing awes them.

Madan's father has a heart attack. Madan winds up from Bhutan and comes back.

PART-III: A Real Godsend

Rupesh becomes a computer engineer. His firm sends him on an assignment to Bhutan . He runs into Tashi and Sherry in Thimphu . A whirlwind courtship between Tashi and him ends in their marriage. They migrate to the States. Madan's parents die within a span of two months. Shelly comes under the sway of a god-woman to abandon the worldly entanglements to devote herself exclusively to the contemplation of Krishna in a reclusive retreat.

Madan is alone and despondent when he receives a letter from Sherry who is coming to Delhi on her first assignment in the Bhutan embassy. Things look up for him.


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