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Madan Swaroop, a professor of English literature in his fifties, recalls 25 years of his married life on his flight to Kanglung , Bhutan , on a teaching tenure.

His beautiful wife is an ardent Krishna devotee a la Mira Bai. She restricts marital sex to once a week, which leads to conflict and comedy.

A vivid description of the college campus and the Bhutanese way of life follows.

He gets involved with two of his students…

There are parallel dialogues between the wife and her god and between the husband and his organ. Shades of Calvin and Hobbes !

The imagery of cricket for sex creates its own humour.

In the midst of human characters, a god's shadowy presence looms over the happenings.

A Joycean epiphany at the end caps it all.

Madan Swaroop faces three major conflicts in his life: He is an avowed atheist who finds himself married to a woman besotted with a god; his wife allows conjugal intimacy once a week forcing him to platonic pleasures rest of the time; when a nubile student offers her virginity to him he discovers he is an angel. How he copes with his predicaments forms the warp and the weft of the narrative.

Indialog Publications Pvt Ltd
O-22, Lajpat Nagar - II
New Delhi - 110 024
December 2006
pages: 310
price: Rs 195/-
ISBN 81-8443-003-5
Cover: The Birth of Venus by Botticelli (1485)

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